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Why we're sharing our shipping data

The COVID-19 pandemic is the defining moment of this decade.

Business models are being flipped upside down. Ecommerce penetration made a decade leap in just a couple months and we went from the high teens to over 30% of retail happening online.

Standard supply chains have been turned inside out. All shipping carriers are seeing more volume every day compared to the holiday peak volume from last year. Some carriers are adjusting well, some are struggling, and everybody is adapting at different speeds to keep up with demand.

That is exactly why we’re providing you, the brand builders, the creators, the operators, with insight into what we’re seeing with the shipping carriers that ShipBob leverages within our fulfillment network across the United States like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL.

We all know there have been carrier delays during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we want to present you with some real time data to highlight this. Please see what we put together below and if you have ideas on additional data you would like to see, please contact us with the form below. 

With all Merchants

ShipBob Status

ShipBob Shipping Status 

The data below is based on ShipBob's standard ground carrier transit times from click-to-delivery, meaning the time it takes once an order is placed until the customer receives their order.

Support Performance 

The data below is a weekly snapshot of our customer support performance, including our time to first response and the time to full resolution. 

Product Releases 

Starting in January 2021, we started showcasing our product log of new releases. While we are releasing changes continuously across our merchant-facing application, our fulfillment engine, and our warehouse management system, we are highlighting only those most important to our customers.

Weekly insights into carrier performance, support times, and product releases.

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This data is aggregated across shipping zones for each respective ground service.

About the Data

Important Holiday Cutoff Dates

Shared by our carrier partners

FedEx Ground: 12/16

USPS Priority Mail: 12/17

UPS Ground: 12/13 

USPS First Class: 12/17

ShipBob Zone Index 

The data below is based on ShipBob's standard ground carrier transit times from click-to-delivery broken out by shipping zones across the United States.

Time to First Response

(times are in hours)


Time to Full Resolution

(times are in hours)



  • ⏱ Flexible and Customizable order import settings for Shopify Merchants ⏱: All Shopify merchants will now have the ability to delay the import of orders syncing in from Shopify. This gives you the ability to customize, cancel, change addresses, before importing orders into the ShipBob dashboard. Learn more.


  • 🚚Receiving 🚚: To help us improve receiving timelines and identify your inventory as it is delivered, we’ve added a new field to provide Carrier details in addition to tracking details for your Warehouse Receiving Orders.  Learn more.


  • 🔌Integrations 🔌: Building upon our partnership and existing integration, we’ve launched an official ShipBob app listing in Shopify’s app store.

  • 🧹Cleansweep Cancelled Orders 🧹: We’ve enabled new functionality to help merchants clean sweep canceled orders, individually or in bulk, directly from the order page within the merchant dashboard.  Learn more.


  • 🇬🇧 New International Fulfillment Center 🇬🇧: We have officially launched our ShipBob United Kingdom fulfillment center (centre?) in London, England! This is our third international location, joining Canada and Ireland. ShipBob UK is located in London near Heathrow airport and major logistics hubs.  As of today, merchants can request access to the United Kingdom fulfillment center within their ShipBob app, and orders will start shipping from these locations on March 2nd. Learn more about ShipBob UK here.

  • 🇺🇸 New US Fulfillment Centers 🇺🇸: We’ve added two new US locations: Phoenix, AZ and Louisville, KY.  These new locations enable our merchants to distribute their inventory across more of our fulfillment centers and take advantage of faster shipping times to the West Coast and Midwest regions.  Merchants can request access and start generating WROs for these locations today, and orders will start shipping from these locations on March 2nd.

  • 🎁 Kitting 🎁: Merchants who submit kitting requests will see a new and improved experience within their merchant app that includes a new kitting order type and order filtering capabilities.


  • 🚚Receiving 🚚: We've made the process for receiving floor loaded containers (FLC) easier for merchants. Merchants no longer need to configure boxes for container warehouse receiving orders (WROs), which will allow receiving times on FLCs to be faster.

  • API: We have added a cancel shipment and order endpoint to our public developer APIs to reduce manual actions and increase automation.

  • 2-Day Shipping: We have implemented several carrier improvements to our 2-day shipping logic to improve on-time delivery rates. For the past three weeks, the 2-day performance has been 88% across the continental United States and will continue to improve.


  • Receiving: Updated label scanning process to our warehouse receiving order (WRO) arrival flow at our fulfillment centers as part of our ongoing commitment to improving and accelerating the receiving process. We have also made UI improvements to the WRO, including unique tracking numbers for WROs, visibility into who created the WRO, and better visibility to UROs comments. 

  • Order Pickup Logs: See when an order has been sorted for carrier pickup and when the order has been picked up and by which carrier.

  • Manual On Hold Logs: When moving orders to on-hold manually, merchants can now see first name, last name initial, and company name, providing added transparency into who performed the action.

  • Manual SLA Updates: We’ve added a log within order timelines to reflect manual SLA updates.

  • Merchant App Timezone: We updated all pages within the merchant app to reflect local browser time zones.

  • Integrations: Order Desk is live in our app store.


  • New Fulfillment Center: We have officially launched our Wisconsin fulfillment center. You can start sending inventory there today.

  • Analytics Reporting Tool (ART): See all inventory on-hand across all fulfillment centers where you have inventory.

  • Badge & Timeline Log: Every time ShipBob will upgrade the shipping option for our merchants a badge will be added to the orders page and the shipment details page. In addition, a timeline log will appear providing additional information on the upgrade.

  • Integrations: Alloy, Arka, and Cymbio are live in our app store. 

Week ending April 9, 2021

Receiving Times

The data below shows how many business days it takes for ShipBob to identify inventory that arrives at our Fulfillment Centers and store it.

2-Day Shipping Performance

The data below is based on ShipBob's standard ground carrier 2-day shipping performance percentage.